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Piergiuseppe Doldi

First Trumpet of the Teatro La Fenice in Venice


Period 27-31 july 2021


Final Concert 31 july 2021

Concert with orchestra for the best student


Registration fee 400€


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Rules and Program of the Masterclass


Art. 1 - Lake Como Music Academy - Municipality of Bellano The Lake Como Music Academy Cultural Association organizes several highly specialized masterclasses within its annual program. In particular, the masterclass with Maestro Piergiuseppe Doldi, Prima Trumpet of the Teatro la Fenice in Venice from 27 to 32 July 2021 in Bellano (Lake Como)

Art. 2 - Venue and lessons The masterclass will take place in Bellano, on Lake Como at the Theater in via Roma or in the Palasole Concert Hall.


Art. 3 - Admission. Trumpeters of any nationality without age limits, but who have already undertaken the study of the Trumpet, are admitted to participate. A limited number of trumpet players will be able to participate in the masterclass


Art. 4 - Course program The course program includes individual and collective study with group warm-up, study of concerts and orchestral passages for preparation for competitions


Art. 5 - Registration. The application form must be received no later than 20 July 2021. Once the number of registrations accepted, registrations will no longer be accepted and will be refunded. Registration must be made by sending the documentation required in this article to the form found under this regulation Required documentation:

1. Registration form duly completed and signed (fill out the form below)

2. Attach your Curriculum Vitae (in .doc or .pdf format);

3. Attach a copy of the identity document (in .Jpeg format) ;

4. Attach a copy of the payment of the registration fee (in .doc or .pdf format)


Art. 6 - Methods of payment. The registration fee for the actual student to the masterclass is € 400.00 (fifteen hundred / 00 euros), including a membership card as a member of the Lake Como Music Academy association and an attendance fee. The registration fee for auditors is € 100.00 (one hundred / 00 euros), including membership card and attendance fee. Payment must be sent by bank transfer to:


CREVAL Bank, Branch of Lecco

IBAN: IT77E0521622900000000007428 BIC / SWIFT: BPCVIT2S

Reason: NAME SURNAME Piergiuseppe Doldi 2021 masterclass registration

NB: Please indicate the name and surname of those who subscribe It is also possible to pay with Pay Pal with the button below (attention: there is an increased commission of 10 €)





The membership card fee (€ 100) will not be refundable in the event of the participant's withdrawal.



Art. 7 - Attendance. The times of the masterclasses with the relative breaks will be agreed by the teacher together with the registered students. Students will be required to attend at least 80% of the total lesson hours. In the event that the student does not attend 80% of the total hours, he will not receive the final certificate.

Art. 8 - Cancellation. The organization reserves the right to cancel the masterclass if there is not a sufficient number of participants or if causes beyond its control prevent it from running smoothly. In these cases, members will be reimbursed the registration fee and any attendance fee if already paid.

Art. 9 - Final concert and audition for the agencies and theaters present. The actual students will participate in the final concert to be held in Bellano on 31 July 2021. The students who will participate in the concert will not receive any compensation or reimbursement of expenses for the performance. The student must ensure their presence at the concert, without exception of any kind. The best student chosen by the teacher and the artistic director of the Academy will be offered a solo concert in the 2022 season of the Lake Como Philharmonic Orchestra. The certificate of participation will be delivered to all students (active and auditors) at the end of the final concert.

Art. 10 - Auditors. They will be required to attend 80% of the total hours to receive the certificate of attendance. They will be able to intervene with discretion in the masterclass by asking questions to the Maestro at the permitted times.

Art. 11 - Shooting of images, audio and video. By registering, the participant in the masterclass gives his consent for filming and radio and television broadcasts, for shooting images as well as for audio and video tapes made in the context of lectures, rehearsals, auditions, concerts and performances operas, performed by the organizer himself or by persons or institutions in charge. In particular, the participant assigns to the organization all the rights of image, sound and video footage for any use in relation to the event. The organization laughed

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